List of commands

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* – can be used when the program starts




Changes the current folder.


Changes background color for the current window (Editor, View, Quick View).


Shows/hides caret in the File View window.


Clipboard operation.

/Clone(<options>, <parameters>)

Clone the application with or without some parameters.


Opens the File Copy dialog.


Opens the dialog for deleting the selected files and folders.

/Demo *

Opens the application in Demo mode.


Sets divider lines in file list according to option.


Opens dialog for editing view of drive buttons.

/Edit(<parameters>, <file>)

Edits the current file.

/Exit *

Exits the application.


Opens the dialog for unarchiving the current or all selected archives.


Changes filtration of files in the current folder.


Opens the File Search Dialog.


Searches for text in file Editor/Viewer/Quick Viewer.

/Flat(<mode>, <option>)

Switches Flat View.


Navigate to the specified element.


Sets the font style in the current File Panel, Editor/Viewer/Quick Viewer.


Moves to a file.


Goes to the bookmark in the current folder or in the Editor/Viewer.

/Help *

Show the Help.


Toggles Hot Layout mode.


Opens the File Stitching dialog.

/LangEdit(<folder>) *

Opens .lng files Editor.


Switches the language of the program between the 2 latest languages.

/LockRecent *

Temporarily disables/enables adding files to the list of recent files. That holds till exiting the application.


Shows/hides Home button window.


Starts dialog Move/Rename files and folders.


Creates the specified object.

/P(<profile>) *

Changes user profile.


Opens Archive dialog or starts testing archives.


Sets file view panels mode or place.


Opens File Properties Change dialog.


Opens Quick Settings window of the program.


Refreshes list of files in the current panel.


Saves the currently edited file (if the File Editor is currently open).


Saves the current file (if needed) and runs it.


Saves the currently edited file, asking user for the file name.


Saves the current file list into clipboard or file.

/Select(<action>, <parameter2>, <parameter3>)

Changes file selection.


Toggles bookmark on the current file/folder (or current caret position in Editor).


Shows a window with a list file bookmarks.


Displays or modifies the Hot List of user.

/ShowSettings(<page>) *

Shows Settings Window.


Shows the system folders window.


Changes the file list sorting.


Opens File Split dialog.


Changes visibility/size of icons in the Info panel for the current file.


Toggles the temporary top view in file list.


Returns the previously closed window.


Views the current file.


Changes the current file list view mode.


Changes format of the current file view/editing.


Changes presentation of special characters in the Editor/Viewer.


Changes word wrapping in the Editor/Viewer.


Increases or decreases font size of the file list.