Text formatting (color, font, size)

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In translation files, in dialog windows of plugins and other places, some strings may contain constructions like:


Here <format> is a space-delimited list of following text properties:

Font style ("B", "I", "U", "S" standing for bold, italic, underline, strikethrough correspondingly).

Font name (a name in single quotes).

Font size (whole or fractional number with decimal point ".").

If font size has to be changed relative to the current size, put a symbol of one of arithmetic operations "+", "-", "*" before the number.

Example: "*0.5" – decrease font size 2 times, and "*2" – increase 2 times.


Color is specified via a constant, or a hexadecimal number with a prefix "$", in format "RRGGBB". Example: "$1A05ff" specified a blue color.



Font formatting example:


Formatted output


Found files: [fB;547]

Found files: 547


Save file ([fAccentBlue B;Ctrl+S])

Save file (Ctrl+S)

Height: [f *2 BU;48] Width: [f *2 BU;32]

Height: 48 Width: 32


Font sample: [f'Impact';Example]

Font sample: Example