Archiving files

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Here is a common sequence of plugin function calls and what program functions the plugin can call.



1) -->SetProcessDataProcW (deprecated function, which gets executed if presents in the plugin)

2) If encrypted -->ArcParamToPlug(PK_PARTOPLUG_PASSWORD) *

3) -->ArcPackFilesW


3.1) During processing the plugin calls periodically <--ArcProcessDataProcW. **


3.2) Also the plugin may call <--ArcParamFromPlugProc (PK_SENDPARAM_STAGE). ***


* – if plugin creates several archives simultaneously, password relation can be determined by parameter Session.

** – if ArcProcessDataProcW returned 0, plugin must interrupt (the user canceled archiving).

*** – if, e.g. some preparations are required for the archive file.