ArcInitPluginDataW structure

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The structure is used to setup some common parameters for the plugin. It is used in function ArcInitPluginW.

Syntax C++

typedef struct ArcInitPluginDataW {

                unsigned short       VersMajor;

                unsigned short       VersMinor;

                unsigned short       out_VersMajor;

                unsigned short       out_VersMinor;

                wchar_t              *PluginFileName;

                ArcGetPasswordProcW  ArcGetPasswordW;

                ArcShowDialogProcW   ArcShowDialogW;

                ArcParamFromPlugProc ArcParamFromPlug;

                tChangeVolProc       ChangeVol;

                tChangeVolProcW      ChangeVolW;

                wchar_t              DefaultIniNameW[MAX_PATH];

                wchar_t              *out_Extensions;

                unsigned int         out_PackerCaps;

                unsigned int         out_PackerCapsEx;

                LONG_PTR             Reserved[8];




VersMajor and VersMinor

Type: unsigned short

On input of function ArcInitPluginW specifies the main and additional numbers of ACX-plugin specification. The program uses these numbers to tell plugin which version it should support.

out_VersMajor and out_VersMinor

Type: unsigned short

On output the plugin must specify which version of ACX-specifications it supports.  The program needs that to correctly utilize the plugin.

These fields are required.


Type: wchar_t*

A pointer on 0-terminated name of plugin, including the full path. It can be used to get the plugin folder with setting files.

If plugin uses the string, it must be cloned into the internal memory. It may not be used directly.


Type: ArcGetPasswordProcW

Pointer on function ArcGetPasswordProcW. It is used for opening the archive password dialog.

Plugin must remember the pointer.


Type: ArcShowDialogProcW

Pointer on a function for showing formatted messages.

Plugin must remember the pointer.


Type: ArcParamFromPlugProc

Pointer to a function which gets called by a plugin to pass the program some parameter.

Plugin must remember the pointer.


Type: tChangeVolProc

Use ChangeVolProcW below instead.


Type: tChangeVolProcW

Is used for dialog with the user during device change. Plugin must remember the pointer.

The field replaces calling deprecated SetChangeVolProc and SetChangeVolProcW.


Type: wchar_t[MAX_PATH]

Name of an ini-file, where plugin must save its properties.

Depending on program settings the file may be located in all users folder or in the current user folder.

The field replaces usage of function PackSetDefaultParams.


Type: wchar_t*

Plugin should provide a pointer to a string with the list of supported extensions. Otherwise the field shouldn't change.

Extensions are delimited with ','. If character ',' is part of extension, it can be escaped with "\".


Type: unsigned int

Flags describing plugin behavior according to table.

Field out_PackerCaps replaces deprecated function GetPackerCaps.


Type: unsigned int

Additional fields describing plugin behavior according to the table.