ArcProcessingStageData structure

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The structure is used in function ArcParamFromPlugProc.

Syntax C++

enum ArcStageTypes { astNormal, astPrepareArchive };


typedef struct ArcProcessingStageData {

                ArcStageTypes ArcStageType;

                __int64 TotalFilesSize;

                __int64 TotalFilesCount;

                LONG_PTR Reserved;





Type: ArcStageTypes

Value astPrepareArchive – for archive preparing, astNormal – return to the normal stage.

If returning to the normal stage working with an archive, it is desired in function ArcParamFromPlugProc to set ParameterData to 0, instead of using a pointer on the structure.

TotalFilesSize and TotalFilesCount

Type: __int64

Total size and count of processed data on the stage. If size/count shouldn't change, the value of these parameters is negative. These fields should be defined.



Reserved. Must be 0.