Automatic installation of multiple plugins

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For automatic installation of multiple plugins, following parameters must be set in file "pluginst.inf":

file=<plugin file name1>|<plugin file name2>|…|<file name pluginN>

defaultdir=<plugin folder name – preferably empty>

defaultextension=<file extension1>|file extension 2>|…|<file extension N>

parameters1=<parameters string1>

parameters2=<parameters string2>

parametersN=<parameters string N (here N is a number less or equal to the count of plugins)>


Thus each plugin in archive must be in a separate subfolder.


Parameter <plugin file nameX> must contain plugin subfolder and file name.


Key defaultdir should better be empty or not specified. This is a common subfolder for installing plugins.


Keys file and defaultextension should contain the equal number of parameters, delimited with "|".