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Double click on group

Rename group

Double click on tool resizer

Restore automatic tool width/height

Double click on selected tool

Open Designer window

Double click on ribbon

Double click on an empty space near tabs

Double click on separator

Ctrl+Click on tool

Select/unselect tool

Middle click

Left click + Right click

Ctrl + Mouse move

Select tool range.


With Shift – the range get added to old selections.


Pressing Shift/Ctrl may be not necessary if selection starts from an empty space on the ribbon.

Left click + Right click + Mouse move

Middle click + Mouse move

Ctrl during tool dragging

Clone tool instead of dragging


Unselect tools

Shift/Ctrl/Alt during dropping files/folders on the ribbon

Adding button with a label

Right dragging

Dragging of tools with operation selection: move or copy


Delete all selected tools (if any)

Ctrl/Shift/Alt+Enter in Designer window

Same as pressing button "Ok"

Ctrl+Z, Alt+Backspace in Designer window

Rollback all changes

Shift/Ctrl/Alt during menu drop down

Display menu as a tools panel

Shift/Ctrl/Alt during opening of a fixed ribbon

Display ribbon as a dropdown

Click + Shift/Ctrl/Alt on refresh button

Display menu as a tools panel (after refresh)

Shift/Ctrl/Alt + Left/Right

when menus are represented as ribbons

Go to the previous/next item in the main menu