Internal Windows

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The program allows opening multiple windows (Ctrl+N and other keys):



The area for additional buttons.

On mouse hovering the area additional buttons appear:


Buttons left to right:

Add new file panel.

Add new editor (Alt+E) and in dropdown list add selected windows.

Command window (Ctrl+O) and in the dropdown list add navigator and other.

Go to the command line (Ctrl+Down).

If command line is open these buttons will be shown there, and not in the flow area.



Windows grouping by colors.

On right mouse clicking on window tabs these windows can be grouped with colors. The menu and the additional buttons window appear:




Window pinning.

You can pin the window of additional buttons to keep it open.



Changing height of window tabs.

Tab windows can be changed by dragging the top border.


On right mouse click on window tabs appear the context menu with additional window actions.