Name Translations

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Can be translated to national languages:

archive compression levels,

types of self-extracting archives (SFX) archives,

external archivers errors.

Settings Window allows specifying various error codes, compression levels, etc.

Their translation is specified in the dynamic translation dialog in plugin's subfolder or program's "\Languages\<language code>.ini" in format:

<code>=<translated name>

These strings should be grouped in sections:


Section Name

Compression level

[Packer_Compress:<archive extension>]

Self-extracting archives

[Packer_SFX:<archive extension>]


[Packer_Errs:<archive extension>]


Format <code> : "<files list>:<user entered code>".

Here "<file list>" – names of external archivers without extensions, separated by comma. The setting applies for specified archivers. If applies for all files leave the value empty.

If <code> contains '=', it must be encoded as ''. In general all characters can be encoded like:

a) If character code is less than 0x80 (hexadecimal representation of 128), 0x80 get added, and specified as "#<new character code>".

b) If character code more than 0x80, then specify "#XXXX". Where XXXX – Unicode representation of a character.