Ribbons Structure and Flexibility

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Possibilities for structuring ribbons greatly exceed Desktop shortcuts.

You can quickly change ribbons view, in just two clicks switching from tools panel into menu, in two presses group buttons, also quickly collapse dozens of buttons into a single one with a drop down list, etc.

Thanks to that you acquire enormous power in organizing your work and information on your computer.


To give you an idea, we created a list of possibilities for structuring and changing ribbons:

group existing tools;

create and populate groups;

delete a group;

unite tools into drop down lists;

disintegrate drop down lists (move internal buttons outside);

present drop down lists as menu or buttons panel;

present the entire ribbon as menu, as a fixed panel or a drop down panel;

create drop down sublists in drop down lists;

change drop down areas on buttons (the entire button as drop down, or the right/bottom area);

create delimiters;

create delimiters with labels (vertical grouping);

unite button groups into sequences (such buttons are enclosed into a common border for light grouping);

change ribbons height;

ping ribbons on top or bottom of the window;

temporarily hide buttons;

temporarily hide ribbons;

add new ribbons with a single click;

enlarge buttons for popular programs;

reduce buttons for unpopular programs;

automatically adjust button sizes to fit them all on a ribbon;

vice versa, automatically extend buttons to occupy the entire ribbon;

change button label placing (bottom, right);

highlight button labels with color or bold weight;

change properties of multiple buttons simultaneously (size, icon and label alignment, remove labels, etc.);

select arbitrary icons for buttons;

widen library of icons for future usage;

move, cut, insert tools;

drag multiple files and folders into a ribbon;

create buttons along with and without labels while dragging files into a ribbon;

insert tools from other ribbon files;

place buttons on Quick Access Ribbon (buttons are visible in all windows);