Translation of Variable Strings

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Format of translations in ini-file:

[<Section name>]

<standard name 1>=<translated value 1>

<standard name N>=<translated value N>


[<Section name>]

List of sections for translation see in the file "en.ini.MasterCopy".

Some sections may bear a complex name.



Example of a complex section name №1:

[RibbonCaps:System] – this section contains translations of button captions for ribbon System.

String in this section have format:

<x><Instrument identifier>=<Caption in this language>

Here <x> – can be:

c – if it's a caption on a ribbon,

s – if it's a short caption on a ribbon,

m – if it's a caption in menu,

h – if it's a tip.

<Instrument identifier> – is taken from the ribbon's file. Here is an example of identifier "3E6B952C35AC4D508AD88DA8DAAFD80B":




Example of a complex section name №2:

[Packer_Compress:zip] – the section contains translations for compression levels for the zip-plugin.

By the way, the section can be specified in a similar ini-file in subfolder "Languages", in the folder of the zip-plugin itself. Therefore translation strings can be bundled with the plugin.