/Edit(<parameters>, <file>)

Edit the current file.


<parameters> (can be combined using plus "+" character):

<Default> – unless specified otherwise, open the file in the editor according to the current settings.

New – create and edit new file.

NewEditor – open new editor window without creating a file.

NotOpen – create a file, but doesn't open it.

Paste – create a file and populate its content from clipboard.

ByExt – open a file by its extension.

Embedded – open a file in an internal window.

TempWin – the internal editor window is temporary.

ToggleViewEdit – toggle view and edit mode. That works on quick file panel as well. The parameter can't be combined with others.



<Default> – open the current file in the file list.

<file name> - file name to be edited. The name can be wrapped into quotes.


List of commands