Commands list

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* – can be used when the program starts




Change the current folder.


Remove introductory animations.


Change background color for the current window (Editor, View, Quick View).


Shows/hides caret in the File View window


Clipboard operation

/Clone(<options>, <parameters>) *

Clone the application with or without some parameters


Close an object


Execute a command line operation


Show context menu for current or selected files or folders


Set automatic contrast


Open the File Copy dialog


Open the dialog for deleting the selected files and folders

/Demo *

Open the application in Demo mode


Sets divider lines in file list according to option


Open dialog for editing view of drive buttons


Open drive/device selector

/Edit(<parameters>, <file>) *

Edit the current file

/Exit *

Exit the application


Open the dialog for unarchiving the current or all selected archives


Change filtration of files in the current folder


Open the File Search Dialog


Search for text in file Editor/Viewer/Quick Viewer

/Flat(<mode>, <option>)

Switch Flat View


Navigate to the specified element

/Folder(<option>, <folder>)

Open folder in a file panel

/FolderTabs(<action>, <tab number>)

Execute an action with folder tabs


Change font size of the active UI element


Set the font style in the current File Panel, Editor/Viewer/Quick Viewer


Move to a file

/Help *

Show the Help


Show navigation history


Toggle Hot Layout mode


Display or modify the user Hot List


Open the File Stitching dialog

/Lang(<action>, <folder>) *

Edit or change user interface language


Open Make Folder dialog


Show/hide Home button window


Start dialog Move/Rename files and folders


Create the specified object

/P(<profile>) *

Change user profile


Open Archive dialog or starts testing archives


Set file view panels mode or place


Print the current file


Open File Properties Change dialog


Start quick search in file list or change search region in file names


Open Quick Settings window

/Recent(<action>) *

Execute an action over the last file list


Refresh file list/tree or toggle auto-refresh


Open the current file in the renaming cell

/Run(<options>, <command line>, <work folder>)

Run external application or command


Save the currently edited file (if the File Editor is currently open)


Save the current file (if needed) and runs it


Save the currently edited file, asking user for the file name


Save the current file list into clipboard or file


Scroll items in the current list

/Select(<action>, <options>)

Change file selection

/Settings(<page>) *

Show Settings Window


Change file list sorting


Open File Split dialog


Open the same/related folders in file panels or navigate to the same file


Show the system folders window


Execute an action with tags in a file panel or Editor/Viewer


Change visibility/size of icons in the Info panel for the current file


Toggle the temporary top view in file list


Toggle navigation pane display


Return the previously closed window

/View(<option>, <file>) *

View the current file


Change the current file list view mode


Change format of the current file view/editing


Change presentation of special characters in the Editor/Viewer


Change word wrapping in the Editor/Viewer


Show list of operations for internal windows


Increase or decrease font size of the file list