/Select(<action>, <options>)

Change file selection (in most cases in the current file panel).



Current – invert selection of the current file.

CalcSize – calculate size if a folder.

GotoNext – go to the next file.

Note. These three parameters can be combined delimited with "+". For instance: "Current+CalcSize".


PrevPage – navigate to the previous page with extending selection.

NextPage – navigate to the next page with extending selection.

Differences – select files which are different or missing on the opposite panels (same as Shift+F2). Other parameters are ignored.

UnselectAll – unselect all files and folders. Other parameters are ignored.

All – select all files and folders (keys Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Shift+A). parameter2 applies, parameter3 is ignored.

Invert – toggle file selection (keys *, Shift+*). parameter2 applies, parameter3 is ignored.

Remember – remember current file selection in the active panel.

Restore – restore remembered file selection.

Save – save the current file selection into a file.

Load – load file selection from a file.


For following actions the second and third parameters are also taken into account:

ByMask – add matching files/folders to selection (keys "+", Shift+"+"). Optional parameter. By default mask selection applies.

SameName – add files/folders with the same name to selection (keys Ctrl+"+", Ctrl+Shift+"+").

SameExt – add files/folders with the same extension to selection (keys Alt+"+", Alt+Shift+"+").

SameMarker – add files/folders with the same marker to selection (keys Alt+"+", Alt+Shift+"+").



Folders – folders are included in selection.

Shrink – selection is excluded, not added.


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