Drop-down Lists and Panels

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Drop-down lists and panels – powerful instrument for grouping tools on the ribbon.

There are two main ways to create a sublist or a drop-down panel:


First Way:

Select a range of tools, then collapse them into a button with help of the context menu.


Second Way:

In Designer for one of buttons on the tab "Drop-down" select the required type of Drop down zone.


Also in Designer you can select the drop-down view type: as a menu or as a panel of tools.


If you select the menu view type, you can specify the height of items in the menu.

On tab "Label" you can enter a separate text, if the tool will be displayed as a menu item.


If on menu drop-down you hold Shift, the menu is shown as a tool panel. In this case you can move tools around, delete them, add new ones or make other changes.

In Designer mode the menu is always shown as tools panel.