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Let's Explain the Situation

How to help Quickly and Easily

Goal #1. Increase Income

Goal #2. Raise Fame



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Let's Explain the Situation

About your help

Probably you are asking why a commercial project, making money on sales, needs help from volunteers?

As we explained in the appeal, at the moment our project isn't profitable. Even our direct expenses exceed the income. Therefore, we have to ask you for help.

Please help us, so we would be able to release new and better versions of oMega Commander.

You may say: of course, I wish you all the best, but I have no time nor resources to help you, it's not going to help anyway, that will take too much money, for which I have a better use.

Wait! That's not what we expect. You can help without money. Even a minute of your time may be enough to do some good. If everyone does a small thing, that will total in the real help.

What we did, what we achieved, and what we will be doing

In previous years we were developing oMega Commander utilizing our own resources only, not expecting to get instant compensation, hoping at first just for customers' gratitude.

Our main goal was to build the foundation, implement basic functions, create a convenient, reach and self-sufficient environment for your work. We believe we achieved that goal.

Our next main goal is to add a number of more significant features.

But it's also time to decide how to develop the project further. Our resources are limited, income from sales is minor.

Our nearest goals

So, not counting on full success, but knowing, that the application is worth a lot, ahead of releasing the next version we want to understand if potential is there or not. Should we continue or not?

For now, our goals:

  • Goal #1. The project generates more income.
  • Goal #2. The user base increases significantly.

If we see improvements in these goals, we will continue to develop the project further.

Otherwise, we are sad to talk about that, the project will have to be shut down :(

How to Help Quickly and Easily

Help making the application more well-known. That may take just a minute of your time.

Here are some ways to do that:


The simplest thing is to put Likes for the project on relevant sites.

If you add a comment or review, we'll be jumping from joy, that's not a joke :)

Here are some of these sites:

    A very valuable site.
    In addition to likes here it's important to click on the thumb up in the list of alternatives for other file managers:

Here is a list of links to the old version on download sites. Soon these links will be renewed, visit them in a little bit:


Tell your friend about the application.


Create a post, insert a nice screenshot on your pages in social networks.

You can find screenshots on the application features page.


Leave comments on relevant forums.

Comments support the subject in the forum tops, which attracts many new users. Also, your feedback and recommendations will be very useful for others going forward.


Notify us about bugs or suggest an idea for implementation.

Goal #1. Increase Income

Become our patron!

Thank you all, who purchased the application! Every purchase inspires us, and helps us to feel that our work is not in vain.

But unfortunately, the current volume of purchases is insufficient and the project can't exist from sales along.

As an experiment we decided to try opening donation channels. We don't know about the outcome, but we count on sympathizers.

If we get sufficient funds, we can spend them on necessary additional tools, hardware, and may be even additional developers. That will accelerate development.

Most importantly that will inspire us to further develop the project.

We'd like to finally experience some real success.

Donation platforms

A good and popular resource, dedicated to supporting creative people and independent developers.

It will take just a minute to become a patron.

An attractive feature of the site is that you can watch the count of patrons and the collected amount.

Alternatively, you can donate directly via PayPal.

Goal #2. Raise Fame

Posts and comments on subject forums

Previously we mentioned that. But we are repeating, as comments, especially on forums, have a huge value.

A good post on a forum is big thing! A single post on a popular site may add thousands of new users, and help beginners going forward.

Please write a post! We will appreciate you, and other users, who will discover oMega Commander because of your post, will be thankful too!

Here is the list of some popular forum sites:

For an influential post on a popular resource we promise a perpetual license for oMega Commander.

Youtube and other video hosts

Youtube – provides another way to spread information, which is easy to digest. This way another layer of potential users may be added.

If you create a video clip or review for oMega, send us a link and we'll advertise it. A good video is worth a perpetual license for oMega Commander.


An article in Wikipedia adds solidity and increases application's ratings.

If you find time for a Wikipedia article, here are the known to us links to magazine articles about oMega Commander, which can be used for importance criteria:

There may be other articles in paper and internet resources. If you know them, please notify us.

For a Wikipedia article we will thank you with a perpetual license for oMega Commander for sure.


If you know a language, which is currently missing in the list of user interface languages, and can add it, or can improve or correct labels for an already supported language (even English), please email us. More details are here.

For translation work we owe you a small prize – a perpetual license for oMega Commander.


Recently we started a forum. We'd like to make it more popular and filled with useful information.

Unfortunately, we spend all the time developing and we don't have enough hands to do that all. It would be wonderful, if you could become a forum moderator. Send us a message.

Also, if you want to be a moderator and speak a different language, we may add a branch in your language.

Good moderation deserves a perpetual license for oMega Commander.

To Designers

If you are a designer or an artist, please help us modernize the application icons and other graphical resources.

First of all, we need to update the application logo. At the moment it looks like that:

Please send us your variants. May be if you wish, we could create a gallery from your images on our site and in social networks.

We'll award the perfect logo with a perpetual license for oMega Commander.

Rewards from Us

We will be grateful for any help.

If your contribution is more or less significant, we'll be glad to award you with a one- or life-time license for oMega Commander. In special cases on your desire, we can reference you and your work on our website and in social media.

Our Email for Communication