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LICENSE AGREEMENT of using the oMega Commander program (referred to as "Software").


By installing, using or copying the Software you acknowledge that you have read and accept the following terms and conditions of the license. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this license, do not install and do not copy the Software, and you must remove all Software's files from your storage devices and cease to use the Software.


1. All copyrights on this Software are owned by LLC (referred to as "Licensor").


2. The Software is distributed as try before you buy. This means that anyone may use the Software during a trial period of a maximum of 30 days at no charge. Following this trial period, the user must purchase a license to continue using the Software. The trial period begins from the first run of the Software.


3. You may freely modify the trial version of the Software (and only trial version), distribute/transfer the Software's trial version (and only trial version) to any other third parties, sell the Software's trial version (and only trial version) for a fee, with exceptions noted below.

        3.1. Hacks/cracks, keys or key generators may not be included, pointed to or referred to in any places by the distributor of the Software's trial version.

        3.2. Nobody may distribute separate parts of the Software.

        3.3. This License Agreement without changes must appear in all copies of new packages of the Software. This License Agreement must should be shown/contain: during package installation, in separate file "License.txt" (or "License (XX).txt", where XX is language code), at the Software documentation (Help of the Software).

        3.4. Any executable files of the Software (such as .exe files) and files of the Software that contain executable code (such as .dll files) can not be modified or replaced at the Software.

        3.5. Modified package of the Software must contain and show explicit message that the Software is modified, author of changes and list of changes relative to the official version of the Software.

        3.6. The Software's version marked as "Pre-Alpha", "Alpha", "Beta", "Release candidate" may not be distribute/sell by dealers/distributors under any conditions.


4. You may not:

        4.1. Copy, distribute, transfer registered Software and/or registration keys of the Software to the third parties.

        4.2. Use, produce, copy, distribute, transfer hacks/cracks, key generators or unauthorized keys for the Software registration.

        4.3. Emulate, clone, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer the Software.

        4.4. Sublicense, pledge, rent, lease the Software, or any part of the Software.

        4.5. Share your rights under this license.


5. A user who purchased a license, is granted a non-exclusive right to use the Software on as many computers as defined by the licensing terms according to the number of licenses purchased, for any legal purpose.

        There are 2 basic types of licenses issued for the Software. These are:

        5.1. PERSONAL LICENSE.

                Personal License is available to private individuals who purchase the Software with their own funds. Personal License cannot be purchased or provided to any companies and organizations.

                Personal License grants rights for usage of the Software to private individual (the licensee) and any family member living in the same household on computers / devices, which are property of the private individual (the licensee) or any family member living in the same household.

                In addition, the right to use the Software granted only to the private individual (the licensee) on computers / devices belonging to companies and organizations, including non-profit and government.

                Single Personal License permits usage of the Software on no more than 5 computers / devices. Purchasing one license per every 5 computers license(s) is required for running on more computers / devices.

                For instance, you need 1 license to run the Software on 1-5 computers / devices, 2 licenses for running on 6-10 computers / devices, 3 licenses for 11-15 computers / devices, etc.


                Commercial License is available for companies and organizations, including non-profit and government.

                The user purchases a number of Commercial Licenses for use of the Software by the purchaser or the purchaser's employees on the same number of computers / devices, workstations.

                In a network (server/client) environment the user must purchase a license copy for each separate client (workstation) on which the Software is installed, used or accessed. A separate license copy for each client (workstation) is needed regardless of whether the clients (workstations) will use the Software simultaneously or at different times.


6. To buy a license, please read the following instructions:

        6.1. Visit the web page Fill in the details by following the instructions on this page.

        6.2. Upon receipt of your registration fee you will receive an email containing a registration key corresponding to the user name string which you have chosen. Please specify a valid email address when buying the license, as it will be used to send you the key.

        6.3. The registration email will also contain all necessary instructions, so please just follow them.

7. The Software is distributed "as is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. You use at your own risk. Neither the copyright holder, nor agents or dealers of the copyright holder will be liable for data loss, any damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this Software.


8. Any such unauthorized use and/or activities, use of this Software after the trial period shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.


9. This License Agreement is also provided in non-English languages for guidance and information purposes only. The License Agreement shall be entered into on the basis the English language text only. In the case of any inconsistency in content, meaning or interpretation between the two, the English language version shall at all times prevail. LLC,, November 12, 2014.


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