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Appeal to oMega Commander Users

Dear Friends!

Five years have already passed since the very first release of oMega Commander. All that time we actively worked on developing the project. Every passed day have been adding more new functions, fixes and improvements to oMega (see here).

Now after investing enormous amount of time and efforts we released the new version 3.0.

We are proud that we managed to create a really cool product, possessing many advantages over much older alternatives.

While creating oMega Commander we dreamed about making our everyday work with computers comfortable and enjoyable. We feel really sorry for these computer users, who torture themselves and unproductively waste their time by repeatedly executing cumbersome operations, which otherwise could be done with just couple clicks, easily and naturally.

We paid attention to every detail, trying to implement everything in a perfectly simple and effective way.

We wanted oMega Commander to play the role of a lifesaver by sparing the user from installation of numerous software applications, providing instant access to an arsenal of useful tools.

We managed to achieve a lot, but lots of ideas are still to be implemented.

So far, our efforts have been based practically on our enthusiasm only, we didn't count for an instant payoff.

We don't have sponsors, don't post advertisements, don't promote third-party materials. Yes, we are selling the application, and we appreciate everyone who purchased a license. But on average that was just several licenses a month. Obviously, such income doesn't cover even direct expenses.

We can't continue in such mode forever. At some moment we'll have to make a choice: become profitable, or freeze the project. Sorry :(

You can help! Help us promoting further development of the project!

Here is a list of things, which can help support our common interests.

We will release at least one more version. The work is in progress. Then we'll decide what to do next.

We don't expect to be successful right away. Our near goal is to feel a positive tendency. If oMega Commander increases its recognition, if income grows and becomes steady, that will stimulate us to continue the work.

We have an ocean of ideas and plans on how to extend application features. We would like to please you with new long-awaited features, polish already existing tools, accelerate performance, and improve the user interface.

Let's make oMega Commander the best file manager in the world!

Join to help!

What is oMega Commander

oMega Commander is a modern Shareware file manager out for the new millennium. It looks and works the way a program from the 21st century should, your way.

oMega supports all standard file and folder operations, you can expect from a file manager. Many features and key combinations are the same as in your previous file manager. It's up to you to customize the rest. But wait, you will discover more...

Numerous content manipulation functions are integrated, saving you trips to other programs, letting you spend more time creating instead of managing. Built-in security features will let you have a peace of mind. oMega’s ribbons connect you to the rest of the world or at least the rest of the system.

Ready for a journey? Explore endless oMega Commander’s features and give them a try. Enjoy it!


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