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Types of the Licenses

Personal License.

Available to private individuals who purchase the Software with their own funds.

Grants rights to private individual (the licensee) and any family member on computers, which are property of the private individual (the licensee) or any family member.

In addition, the right granted only to the private individual (the licensee) on computers belonging to companies and organizations.

Single Personal License permits usage of the Software on no more than 5 computers. Purchasing one license per every 5 computers license(s) is required for running on more computers.

For instance, you need:

  • 1 license to run the Software on 1-5 computers,
  • 2 licenses for running on 6-10 computers,
  • 3 licenses for 11-15 computers,
  • etc.

Commercial License.

Available for companies and organizations.

The user purchases a number of Licenses for use of the Software by the purchaser or the purchaser's employees on the same number of computers, workstations.

In a network (server/client) environment the user must purchase a license copy for each separate client (workstation) on which the Software is installed, used or accessed. A separate license copy for each client (workstation) is needed regardless of whether the clients (workstations) will use the Software simultaneously or at different times.

Full License

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